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Earl Nightingale’s Checklist for Achieving Success As Defined By Earl Nightingale.

What if you could discover certain actions you can take that will place you in the ranks of the successful few? The few that live life on their terms and enjoy abundance and freedom. The few that make a massive impact in the world.

7 Earl Nightingale Checklist

Indeed the attitude, habits, and actions of the successful create the kind of the good lifestyle they enjoy. As Tony Robbins will say, “success leaves clues.” And anybody can follow these clues to achieve similar results.

Today I’ll be sharing Earl Nightingale‘s success checklist with you. Let’s dive right into the Earl Nightingale Checklist for achieving success now.

1. Goals

Earl Nightingale defined success as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. This worthy ideal is the goal a person sets for their self. People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. Goals provide direction. When you set a goal, you’re giving yourself a direction in which you can take action to get the desired result.

Living without specific goals is a sure way to expend energy and other resources without getting results. It's like running after nothing which must inevitably result in catching nothing, regardless of the time and energy invested. And this is how many people live drifting along each day like a ship that's lost at sea.

It’s important to set goals for yourself. Decide what you want, document it and plant it in your mind. Not just on your writing pad, plant it in your mind. Think about it over and over, and your mind will begin to uncover possible ways to achieve your goal.

2. Attitude

In his recording, The Strangest Secret, Earl shared a quote which talks about the fact that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude of mind. So, you can change the course of your life by changing your attitude.

3. Think

Think for yourself. Don’t follow the horde that is going nowhere. Instead, harness the power of your mind to think and come up with productive ways to achieve your goals. Your thought generates ideas for you to act upon.

You can improve the quality of your life by improving the quality of your thought. Your thoughts can liberate you and in the same way, they can imprison you. So, you've got to take control of your thought. Stop thinking about what you fear.

4. Cause And Effect

Your returns in life are in direct proportion to what you give. The more you give of yourself and serve, the more your returns. As an entrepreneur, you can determine how much financial returns you get by deciding how much service you’re willing to provide.

5. Truth

Be truthful. Build your life and business on the solid foundation of truth and honesty. Be truthful to yourself and to others.

6. Research And Development

Feed the golden goose that lays the golden eggs. Invest some of your profit in your business, and invest in yourself, too.  When you grow, your business grows. So keep developing skills and acquiring knowledge that will help you grow your business.

7. The Strangest Secret

You become what you think about. The more you think about your goals, the more you will be motivated to take action towards its fulfillment. Where you’re in life at this moment is a product of what you have been thinking about. Where you will be tomorrow is a product of what you think about today.

Plant your goal in your mind and think about it in a positive way as though it is already a reality and it will become a reality.


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