Personal Development

Personal Development is an ongoing process of understanding and developing yourself in order to achieve your fullest potential in life. Personal development is a very important part of your personal growth…

Earl Nightingale Goal Card PDF Download

Earl Nightingale Goal Card

  • JekoWrites 
  • 3 min read

Having a goal, gives you something to live for and reach for… And achieving your goal places you in the class of the successful few. Discover how to become successful using Earl Nightingale’s goal card…

A 100 Years Of Wisdom In Ten Minutes With Darren Hardy | The Good

100 Years Of Wisdom In 10 Minutes By Darren Hardy

  • JekoWrites 
  • 11 min read

Darren Hardy is an American author, keynote speaker, advisor, and former publisher of success magazine. He is a New York Times best-selling author, who wrote The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, Living Your Best Year Ever and The Compound Effect…

Think And Grow Rich By Earl Nightingale Transcript & PDF - The Good Lifestyle Quotes

Think And Grow Rich Earl Nightingale – Transcript & PDF

  • JekoWrites 
  • 36 min read

Here’s the full transcript of the audio recording of Earl Nightingale condensing the 13 principles of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. The same principles that have had a great influence on the lives, accomplishments and fortunes of many successful individuals…

The Strangest Secret 30 Day Challenge By Earl Nightingale

The Strangest Secret 30 Day Challenge

  • JekoWrites 
  • 34 min read

The full transcript of The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. Earl defines success, revealing why just a few people succeed. Why most people fail? And what successful people are doing differently…