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Great News! – Beginner Online Writing Jobs – Paying Between 25 – 35 USD Per Hour Working For Online Companies Worldwide.

I hate working with so-called ‘professional’ writers. They charge too much… They think knowing where to put a full stop makes them the next Shakespeare…

….And they can’t take any criticism whatsoever. That’s why we are looking for unprofessional writers for some very special writing jobs.

  • I don’t care if you can barely string a sentence together…
  • If you’ve never read a book…
  • Or if the only dictionary in your house is used as a doorstop…

Here’s a rapid-fire breakdown of the position:

  • * Minimum 5 hours per week (flexible times).
  • * Remote, so available to people from any country.
  • * Pays 25 – 35 USD per hour
  • * Full training provided (takes 30 minutes).

You’ll be working directly with these small companies based in any country worldwide, helping them write content for their blog and social media accounts.

To apply, you’ll need to take a few seconds to fill the application form on the next page.

So, if you’re interested, don’t hang aboutClick here to apply now and be paid to write starting today <=

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